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CSR Governance

Commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) begins at the very top of Hanesbrands. Chairman and CEO Richard A. Noll is personally committed to advancing our CSR program. Oversight of the program at the executive level rests with our executive vice president and general counsel and a CSR executive steering committee (our CEO and his direct reports) that meets quarterly to assess the program's effectiveness. Day-to-day responsibility for our CSR program rests with our vice president of corporate social responsibility. To drive the program more deeply and broadly across the organization, especially for many of our environmental initiatives that reside at the facility level, we have also put in place a cross-functional sustainability steering committee.

While CSR initiatives exist in every area of the organization, our sustainability steering committee is responsible for ensuring that we are meeting our goals and communicating with and engaging our various stakeholders. This committee is composed of a team of key executives:

  • Our Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, formally manages our social responsibility and environmental compliance programs. He is responsible for ensuring organizational alignment and managing our social and environmental partnerships and business partner communications. He leads a department comprising a worldwide network of more than 15 internal CSR employees based in the United States, Latin America, and Asia. This team is responsible for developing and overseeing the Global Business Practices program, facility compliance and security, product safety, environmental compliance, and corporate philanthropy. This team fosters a culture of integrity and seeks to insure compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Our Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Support, oversees the implementation, planning, and metrics of our environmental efforts that go beyond compliance. In addition to leading our energy management program and Energy Star relationship, he is responsible for ensuring that we meet other environmental goals, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, water use reduction, and raw materials and packaging initiatives.
  • Our Senior Vice President, Hanes® Brand and Corporate Marketing Administration, ensures that our CSR program is communicated effectively to consumers.
  • Our Vice President, External Communications, ensures that our CSR program is communicated effectively to our employees and external stakeholders.

While our company leadership sets high-level objectives and establishes policies for CSR, we must ensure that these objectives flow down to the facility level. We rely on local employees across the world to execute our CSR programs, and we invest to train our employees and establish best practices and formal measurement systems.

Environmental Compliance and Global Environmental Management System

Each of our facilities has an environmental coordinator who performs environmental self-assessments and sets site goals. To continuously monitor and improve our environmental performance, we have instituted our Global Environmental Management System ( GEMS ), which allows us to track, among other things, energy consumption, water usage, waste disposal, and recycling efforts for each facility in an online database. The data is used to set goals and implement best practices across our facilities worldwide. In addition, we routinely conduct thorough environmental audits of our facilities and of all properties to be purchased or leased before we occupy the space.

Energy Management Policy and Organization

Resource conservation is one of Hanesbrands’ key strategies to achieve our corporate vision to be the leading apparel essentials company in the world. To demonstrate our commitment, our CEO and all of his direct reports endorsed and signed our energy management policy. Executive oversight is maintained through monthly reporting on energy performance. In addition, both energy performance and specific energy-related projects are regularly part of the agenda at meetings of our corporate board of directors.

Our energy management policy defines responsibilities at all levels of the company for managing energy and establishes a corporate director of energy, who is responsible for the overall development and implementation of the energy management process. The director of energy leads our corporate energy tactical team, a cross-functional group that meets quarterly and is charged with evaluating the energy management process. This team includes members of the executive management team, who can allocate cross-functional resources across Hanesbrands as needed.